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Lots of pics. The Zombie with the chainsaw looks a lot like Charlie Sheen.


Well to be honest I am 11 and I downloaded this and NONE of these pictures scared me. I'd say this should be rated 4+ not 17+


Zombies Wallpaper has THE SCARIEST zombie pics even 4 an old vamp like myselph who's seen a lot! Iph you are a parent, think b4 letting your kid(s) download. Iph you are over 17 DO NOT phall under the illusion/delusion that you've seen it all in zombie art. This app is way more than I expected. Well put together. Good instructions. And THE CHOICES! OMG! MY INSTRUCTION: get it already!-4 u coulrophobics I strongly, highly, very vehemently instruct you 2 purchase George Romero's App of the Dead!!! You'll know why once you phollow Mr GR's instructions! Hehe! Have a SCARY good time! Highnessty. BTW: Why does the phull version cost $99?!?!?! Please make aphordable or phix typo. Thanks

Really the scary zombies!

Found the Best zombies picture in dis app. Giving five star*****

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